There are many reasons that people may want
to search for others or receive information
about them. Some are humanitarian, some are
emotional, some are practical, and some can be
defined as simple curiosity. Whatever the
reason is, JPF enables the search.

Find Holocaust Survivors, Lost Family Members,
Relatives, Ancestors, Former Spouse, 
Friends, Acquaintances, Military Buddies,
Classmates, Former Neighbors, Lost property owners,
Heirs and beneficiaries, Witnesses for legal actions,
Business Associates, Former Colleagues, Lost Loves,
Runaways, Missing Persons & children.

Post and Receive information about Victims of the
Holocaust, Family Reunions, High School and
College Reunions, Meetings, Conventions, Conferences,
Graduations, Ceremonies and Genealogy.

Place a message about yourself, so people who may
be looking for you, will find you.

Even if you do not post a message yourself, by browsing
this web site, you may be able to help others.
Submitting information, or identifying someone
you know - may change people's lives.

Use the power of the Internet to present your message
or request, to the world's Jewish community.

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